Storage Room

We have a nifty storage room just inside the front door.  About 6'8" x 10' 10", but it wanted shelves.













So, we took careful measurements, made up several designs, and then settled on shelving on three walls.  John fabricated the shelving units over the 9/21-23 weekend, before heading off to Texas for a week.  The following Saturday (9/28), we packed up all the shelving (plus a few other items) and headed to the condo.

The stack of shelving represents about 6 full 4'x8' panels.  It took ten round trips to the trailer to unload it all.  Here it is stacked against the dining room wall, prior to assembly.

Except for edgebanding, everything was precut, predrilled, and ready to fit together.  Two days later, we had a completely made-over storage room, ready for use.

At the far end, we can store our deck chairs, the ice chest, and packing boxes on the left side, with shelving for tools and hardware supples to the right.  Folding chairs and tables fit under the shelf on the right.

Behind the door, we have a piece of pegboard to hold the hanging things. Some short shelving will go above the pegboard, to hold more supplies.  The tall cabinet is for food storage.