2009 Hike Photos

2009 Hike Photo Gallery

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March 19 hike to Hoegees Camp - this loop trail (lower and upper Winter Creek) is one of our more frequent hikes, and good for warming up early in the season.


April 2 hike to Hermit Falls and Sturtevant Falls

Eleven people on this hike.

The falls were lovely.














April 19 - hike to Hoegee's Camp (lower and upper Winter Creek Trails).  A road construction sign indicating possible delays due to road work coupled with a partially closed access gate deterred some of our group from joining this hike, so they headed up to Orchard Camp.



































Here's the rest of the group hiking toward Orchard Camp

April 30 - eleven hikers on their way to Hoegee's Camp via lower Winter Creek Trail.

May 7 - ten hikers on this hike - we made the 7.3 mile round trip in just three hours, and were out before dark!!!

May 14 - Sam Merrill Trail - seven hikers

May 21 - Dawn Mine - inside - from a camera phone



July 9 - Orchard Camp - we saw several deer on this hike, but only two posed for us.








July 16 - to Hermit Falls and Sturtevant Falls -- "it's all downhill"


July 23 - a hot day - low 90's at the start -- a long hike -- and a surprise alongside the road on the way out -- this 3 foot rattlesnake was very mad at us!


Click here for Google Earth view of hike

August 13 - at the start of the trail

We all made it to the top....

...and had quite a spread of snacks....

Smoke from the Santa Clara Fire...

and a little tarantula we spotted alongside the trail on the hike out.

Jones Peak - August 20, 2009

Hoegees - August 27, 2009 - the Station Fire was burning to the west of us, and there was some smoke in the air, but the trails were still open